Digital plays a growing role in the purchase journey of luxury shoppers and HNWI more globally

Depending on the category studies show that up to 40% of the purchases in luxury industry are made ROPO (Researched Online, Purchased Offline)

Understanding the HNWI and Luxury Shoppers attitude towards Digital

Insights on Digital for HNWI and Luxury Shoppers
Insights on Digital for HNWI and Luxury Shoppers

Digital goes far beyond a simple concept of a channel for purchase or for information search. It embeds a whole experience that customers are integrating in their routine that luxury brands as well as brands targeting HNWI need to understand and integrate into their approach. At Insightys we help premium brands to successfully leverage the Digital to deliver higher customer experience:


 Social Media Luxury shoppers and HNWI can both benefit from a communication and dialogue through an appropriate social media strategy especially when it comes to brand engagement.



 Convenience More than for other industry, the luxury industry and the one trying to differentially serve HNWI need to leverage the power of Digital to provide their customers with more convenience. The self-servicing, mobility, ease of access, responsiveness are few examples of how premium brands can leverage Digital to better serve their clients.



 Customization The Digital should help premium brands design and run breakthrough apps and platforms to provide their clients with more customization and personalization of the services and products they offer. The customization can be defined through product and service features directly or / and the way the brand communicates and deals with clients and prospects.



 Innovation and new services Ultimately, the Digital should be the vehicle of any premium brands to develop new and innovative services. Building-up on the points above such as convenience and customization the Digital offers an opportunity to create differentiation while improving the customer experience to be delivered.