We believe that successful marketing strategies are based on customer insights

Our differentiation is based on our customer segment knowledge and expertise on insight and marketing specifically for HNWI and luxury shoppers

Insight on HNWI and luxury shoppers

Insights on HNWI and luxury shoppers
Insights on HNWI and luxury shoppers

Through primary, secondary researches and analytics we generate actionable insight tailored for premium brands' needs. This helps our clients best shape their offer to maximize the impact on their customers and foster their customer orientation as a key driver of differentiation. Below are the topics where we can help you:


Market Research and Customer Insight: quantitative and qualitative market research design, execution and interpretation

Media planning and consumption: understanding most appropriate media contents and schedule to perfectly align your messages with your target audience across the globe

Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty: define and implement customer satisfaction and loyalty measurement according to your specific needs.

Segmentation: design and deployment of a large range of segmentation models: life stage, needs based, behavior and attitude, RFM, Life Time Value (CLTV).

Analytics: definition and integration in your business routine of propensity modeling for cross and up selling, next best offer models, churn detection.

Mystery shopping: identify and address your strengths and weaknesses relatively to competition and customer expectations on price, point of sale, range of products and services and customer experience.

Social Media, Digital: listen and act on social media content. Identify and develop winning strategy to best leverage social media and digital media to influence your business, drive innovation, monitor brand's perception and engagement.


Marketing and Strategy

We leverage collected insight to define the best strategy for your business to successfully engage with HNWI and luxury shoppers. Insightys provides consultancy and execution on the following matters:  


Market entry strategy and business case: identify your customer targets and competitors as well as distribution channels. Asses the size of the business opportunity and define your investment accordingly.

Targeting, positioning and media: ensure that the customer segment you want to go after is accurately defined. Define your positioning and your value proposition in order to create sustainable differentiation accordingly. Ensure that media planning is developed to maximize the return on communication budget and convey segment-specific messages across appropriate channels including digital ones.

Product launch: define new products or features according to customer preferences and expectations. We help you in the pre-test, launch and post-launch phases.

Loyalty and Customer Dialogue Program: planning, processes and execution of loyalty activities to increase engagement with your brand and/or product. 

Customer orientation and Experience: strategy and execution plan to successfully put HNWI and luxury shoppers at the core of your organization. Define and implement required capabilities to deliver at all touchpoints the experience expected by your customers.

IT capabilities: assess, define and help deploy customer database, CRM, campaign management tools, and business intelligence.


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