We are agile, results oriented and focused on HNWI and luxury shoppers

Agile and Global organization ‣

Insightys is an agile organization that makes us flexible and easy to do business with (i.e. ability to address common HNWI and luxury marketing & sales related issues as well as new and complex ones). Furthermore through our network, we have operations in key HNWI and luxury shoppers cities which gives us a global reach required by our clients

Focused on HNWI and luxury shoppers ‣

We tell our client to be customer oriented and to talk the language of their customers. At Insightys we walk the talk. We are focused only on one customer segment and we build our knowledge and expertise around this unique customer segment. This allows us to continuously develop and maintain our expertise that creates a higher value for our clients.

Results oriented and business impact ‣

We believe that insight and recommendations should be highly actionable to support the business. We will always make the trade-off that focuses on actionability. We strive to have a business impact and to ensure we support our clients in achieving their business goal. Actionability and business results are key to efficiently deliver on our promise. 

Execution skills ‣

Insight and recommendations that are not timely and efficiently executed can’t support business achievements. At Insightys, we aim to support our clients till the end of their execution process. For instance, this can be translated into a product launch, the execution of a marketing campaign or a sales training.

Multi-industry experience ‣

As an example, transferring practices from luxury industry to the financial industry may not be that obvious. However this is a good example of how best practices' transfer can help brands accelerate their differentiation from their competitors. We leverage our multi-industry expertise to help our clienst identify and test new approaches to successfully engage with their customers.

Challenging the status quo ‣

We strongly believe in testing new and innovative approaches all along the marketing & sales value chain. Organizations that are open to new ideas can be more effective. We will always challenge the status quo to make sure we explore new alternatives that can create a competitive advantage for our clients.